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Walk/Run Alone Self Defense Crash Course

An example of what can go wrong on a walk or run alone along with 4 BONUS safety tips.

Have you ever been on a walk or run alone? I'm guessing at some point you've felt on edge while exercising by yourself outside, along with over 1/3 of Americans. Download this crash course to get safety tips you can implement on your next walk/run alone to feel more safe and at ease!

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Are you tired of feeling on edge while running or walking by yourself? Do you want to be more safe and feel confident while exercising outdoors alone?

Simplified Safety

Kailee Billerbeck

Kailee is a 22 year old, second degree, level three black belt. She has trained in Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and some BJJ. She became a certified martial arts instructor in high school and has taught all ages.

After graduating high school, Kailee went off to California where she attended Chapman University and got her B.A. in psychology. Upon completing her degree, Kailee was able to mesh her passions into her newest business called Armored Self Defense.

Armored Self Defense aims to help individuals become bulletproof from the inside out. Kailee uses her martial arts and psychology background to teach physical, mental/emotional, and situational self defense. If you want to be truly confident, independent, tenacious, and intentional you must properly armor yourself and Kailee has you covered!

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