Let's Redefine Self Defense

We teach you physical, mental/emotional, and situational self defense techniques in order to help you become bulletproof from the inside out. If you want to be truly confident, independent, tenacious, and intentional then you MUST armor yourself. We are here to help. 

Free Downloads

Walk/Run Alone Crash Course

A free resource for you to get some safety tips on walking/running alone! Hear a story of a woman who seemingly did everything right, but was still attacked. You will learn what she could've done different to possibly avoid the attack, along with 4 bonus tips!


Wrist Escape Video Training

A free resource to teach you how to get away from someone if they were to grab you by your wrist while you're on a walk/run alone. There are many variations of a wrist escape, but click below to learn the basics of this essential self defense technique.



Walk/Run Alone Self Defense

Learn how to keep yourself physically, situationally, and mentally/emotionally safe before your walk/run, during your walk/run, and if something bad happens.


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