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Armored Self Defense Courses

Learn to keep doing all the things you love while feeling safe and confident in a realistic, relatable way that is easy to digest. Several mini courses and free trainings that will teach you physical, mental/emotional, and situational self defense techniques in different situations. 

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Armored With Kailee Podcast

Become bulletproof from the inside out. In this podcast, Kailee will share quick and relevant information to help you become physically, mentally/emotionally, and situationally armored so you can feel confident, safe, and more independent.

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Free Tips

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Your Jar of Wisdom Book

A book of life lessons to reference as you need them. Written by Kailee when she was 17, this book is for young girls who need advice given in a way that is easy to digest and relatable.

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NEW Course

Have you ever felt on edge going for a walk or run alone? Are you tired of being told what not to do? Do you want to feel confident and safe while doing the things you love? This is the course for you!

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Let Me Introduce Myself!

I'm Kailee and am originally from Washington state, then moved to California to go to Chapman University! I am 22 and started doing martial arts when I was in 4th grade. Through many years of training, I earned my second degree, level three black belt while also becoming a certified instructor.

I have always loved giving advice, studying people, and learning how to optimize this strange life we've all been gifted but my true passion is helping young women become bulletproof from the inside out!


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